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Hats off to Dads

Posted by Mary Jo Hudson on OA10er @ 10:40 AM

Hats off to the Dad in your Life


Recently, we cleaned a closet in our one room second story.  The closet is a knee hole closet, poorly designed.  The doors at one end make it challenging to access the contents 15 feet from the door.  The previous owner of the house might have used it as a clothing closet.   Because the far end of the closet is adjacent to the stairs, there is no easy way to add another door.  We store VERY remote things at the far end.  The only half of the closet that has easy access has become a library.


We love books.  We like the feel and the smell and the messages of books of every size and shape and texture.  We have accumulated books over the 39 years of marriage.  My husband used to be an adjunct professor and had a stash of books from his coursework.  The upstairs library holds ‘his’ collection of American Christian History, Economics, Theology, Presidential biographies and classics.  


If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’ll let you in on a little family secret.  We store things differently.  I have a pet peeve:  I do not like to waste time looking for something.  So, my storage is often labeled and orderly.  I put things in particular places so I can always find them.  My husband is more spontaneous and his creative side allows him to put things wherever it seems to be a good landing zone at the moment. He doesn’t seem to mind searching for things because it brings adventure to his life.


The closet upstairs was once organized but lack of time or interest means the door would be opened and books randomly added to the shelves.  I don’t know who did this.  It might have been the two unseen guests who live in our home named Not Me and I didn’t. I don’t recall what event or search instigated looking for something in the closet.  But the result was that we got to remove all the books to fix a loose shelf.  


In the process of sorting (eliminating), and reorganizing the books, I found a title that spoke to my heart.  It was a gift to my husband from one of our daughters.  As I was contemplating what to write this week, the Lord brought to mind this book, WHY A DAUGHTER NEEDS A DAD.  In the introduction to the 100 reasons a girl needs a father in her life, the author write this: “The love I have received shapes the love I give and it is evident at its best in my relationship with my daughter.”


Read that again. “The love I have received shapes the love I give and it is evident at its best in my relationship with my daughter.”


The book holds 100 reasons a girl needs a father.  There is a similar book which we do not own entitled WHY A SON NEEDS A DAD.  I suspect it is written in the same format. It is Proverbs-like, single sentences, couplets, or sometimes contrasts.  It holds great spiritual truths though I am uncertain of the author’s faith.  I won’t recount the 100 ways a dad shows his love for his daughter or why she needs those efforts.  You can read the book for yourself to discover his treasure trove.


Dads, the love you give to your sons and daughters reflects the love you have received from your human and heavenly fathers and it is evident at its best in your relationship with your sons and daughters.  This sentence would motivate any man to be the best example he can be of all he believes. So, for the dads who have come to Christ and live by His precepts, we applaud you for the love you reflect.


Hats off to the dads who have changed the world because they are different men from ungodly fathers; to the men who looked to God as their model for fatherhood.  Hats off to the dads who continue in Godly fatherhood because they had great examples in their own lives.  Hats off to the dads who sacrifice so their children don’t have to.  Hats off to the dads who give love in the midst of exhaustion.  Hats off to the dads who pray for their children.  Hats off to the dads who invest in the lives of those who do not have dads. Hats off to all the dads who listen to the woes of their children without judgment.  Hats off to the dads who continue to grow in the Lord.  


Hats off, Dads.  You are doing a great job.  We admire you and we thank you for being the evidence of a loving Father.  


We celebrate the men in our lives this week, the unsung heroes in families.  



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