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Penny Pinching Ideas

Posted by Mary Jo Hudson on OA10er @ 10:44 AM

Penny Pinching Ideas


If your household is like ours, you are always looking for ways to save money on purchases.  I recall as a child, hearing my mother’s plans to ‘stock up’ on sheets during the ‘white sales’ of January.  She was a master at knowing what items went on sale which months of the year.


As an adult, I’ve noticed there are certain times of the year particular items are best buys.  Asparagus is on sale in March for $1.00 a pound one week of the year.  If I want to freeze asparagus for the rest of the year, that is the week I purchase a case.  Colorado peaches have a two week period mid August for availability. Before or after that time slot, peaches are from another location.  We prefer Colorado peaches.  We might try one or two from Georgia but my big purchases on peaches, for preservation (or gorging) come in the middle of August.


Let’s look at which items will be bountiful and abundant in the month of July.  It’s no surprise that BBQ supplies are usually discounted around the Fourth celebration:  potato chips, hot dogs, brats, condiments, charcoal, salad dressings are often ‘on sale’. July is National Ice Cream Month. Find some delicious treats for your freezer.


Seasonal produce include:  Asian Pears, Bartlett Pears, green beans, blueberries, corn, cucumber, eggplant, figs, garlic, grapes nectarines, red onions, Valencia oranges, peaches, sweet and bell peppers, plums, potatoes, summer squash, tomatoes, watermelon. 


Mattresses are largely discounted during July.  By the end of the month, school supplies will frequent the shelves.  The best deals are often the second week of August, but if you are picky about what you want, buy early.


Some of the items have good shelf life and it is wise to stock up.  Check the ‘purchase by’ dates to help you decide what quantities are appropriate. It does no good to purchase something only to question the safety down the road.  


Amy Dacyczyn, author of THE TIGHTWAD GAZETTE,  described her weekly grocery shopping list.  It might include a case of peanut butter (on sale, of course); toilet paper; and fruit of the week at the store.  Her purchase for her family were always in bulk, for the amount her family would consume until the next time the item would be available at a discounted price. I recommend her books if pinching pennies is a necessity or hobby for you.  


It’s wise of us to use our resources wisely.  The widow’s mite was a prized offering to Jesus.  As we use our dollars and cents wisely, we are more able to give to advance the Kingdom of Jesus.  I challenge you to see this as an opportunity to make your money go further so you have more to give.

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