Expect to Be Relaxed 

First off, come as you are.  We're much more interested in the type of person you are on the inside than what you look on the outside.  We'd like to meet the real you. Some people bring their Bibles - we like that book.  When you come in, feel free to grab a hot cup of our house blend from our cafe and bring it right on into our auditorium.  Currently, we meet in a nicely converted warehouse space.  We would rather invest dollars in people, and not a super fancy building or expensive furnishings.  Our services last around 90 minutes.  Not so long that you need to pack a lunch, but long enough to make it worth getting out of bed in the morning. 

Expect to Meet Friendly People

Ok, thankfully we won't be sporting as cheesy of smiles as these folks, but we hope you get the idea.  For us two things get us real excited on a Sunday morning:  seeing God do big things in the lives of people, and having company.  You can expect to be warmly greeted and treated with respect.   You'll likely be offered a handshake or two and we'll make ourselves available for any questions you might have during your visit.  People at our church really like coming together, it's a highlight of our week - thus the smiles.  We warn you though...enjoying church and making friends tends to be wildly contagious at Lifehouse.

Expect Passionate Worship 

At Lifehouse, worship is an integral part of our community experience.  We don't think of it as sing-a-long time, or just another part of the program.  We believe in genuine, thoughtful, intentional, and passionate worship in it's various forms. While we have many talented musicians and artists, you'll find there is only room for one person in the spotlight - Jesus.  As part of our worship experience, about once a month we share in communion and weekly share in tithes and offerings. Our vision of worship is not limited to music and singing.  We believe that all of our gifts and talents were given to glorify God and to bless the community. 

Expect Relevant Teaching

Many things in church are negotiable, but preaching truth and grace directly from the Bible is not one of them.  At Lifehouse, we have an incredible teaching team, who together have more than 50+ years of combined teaching/preaching experience.  We believe the Bible is very applicable for the day and culture in which we live and we place a high value on the authority of scripture for our lives.  We use many mediums to communicate God's word to bring understanding and personal application with each message. You can listen to our teaching online here or directly from iTunes.  Click here to learn more about our current series.

Expect Your Kids to Have Fun 

At Lifehouse, kids are crazy important to us!  We are super excited about kids from the moment they walk in the door.  If you have babies, you'll find a clean, safe, and well equipped nursery; staffed by pre-screened and well trained volunteers.  Children from pre-school through 5th grade receive the same love and attention with programs and learning specifically geared to their age level and needs.  At Lifehouse, we strive to help, heal, and grow healthy families and we work hard to integrate that mission into everything we do. What we do for our children and youth is not the afterthought in our community, but our top priority.