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Part 2: The Great Revealer Series Part 2: The Great Revealer

In times of trouble and trials it can be difficult to know which…

Part 1: The 'Yes' That Leads to 'No' Series Part 1: The 'Yes' That Leads to 'No'

Forced to live in a land not his own, Daniel was confronted with…

Part 5 | What I Say Is... Series Part 5 | What I Say Is...

Everyone we encounter is likely facing some kind of battle we…

Part 4 | Three Truths to Build You Up Series Part 4 | Three Truths to Build You Up

Everyone struggles with some level of insecurity. The world around…


Daniel | Into The Fire

In studying the life of Daniel, we gain a powerful picture of a faithful person and his challenges living in a hostile culture.

What's Good

Are you tired of all the bad news and negativity at every turn? Then tune in for some Good News!

Making of a Memorial

Will we be remembered as people who lived our lives for others? Or will we be remembered for only having lived for ourselves.

Recalculating | When Plans Change

What happens when the future we envisioned or planned for doesn't come to pass? How can we trust God in our new realities? Answers inside.

Easter 2020 | Overcomer

Celebrate the one who overcame sin, death, and the grave in order that He might bring us new life. Because He lives, we too can also live as

The Big Win

Join us during this series as we unpack what exactly the BIG WIN entails. Life isn't just about winning big, it's about the BIG WIN.

In The Waiting

It's hard to be patient...

A Generous Life: The Beauty of Giving

Open hearts, open hands...


Everybody wants to be wanted...


Are you feeling a little...restless?

When Life Gives You…

What am I supposed to do with these?

The Readings

One very 'Biblical' experience!

Prove It

"What does it take to be the real deal? A Christian’s life should be living proof of their connection to the Father. Essentially, our sacrif

Confessions Of A Pastor

Confessions Of A Pastor



Embracing Suffering

Suffering is an unavoidable reality of life that everyone will encounter to some degree at one time or another.

This is My Story

Everyone has a story to tell...but how does one live their life in such a way that
it becomes a better story - even a best seller?

Breaking The Spirit of Poverty

Choose to live a life of generosity - practice giving even when it doesn't make sense.

Like Jesus: Servant Above All

Join us as we get to the bottom of what the movement that Jesus started was all about.


Join us as we gleen help and encouragement from the heart and tale of a woman who changed history.


A new year is just around the corner, and it gives us an opportunity to reposition our lives for optimal growth.

Advent: The Light Has Come

It's been said that 'good things come to those who wait'. While this saying teaches us the virtue of patience, it's only half the story.

Thanks & Giving

There is a wonderful cycle of thanks and giving into which each have been invited. God has shown us grace, mercy, and favor.


Freedom Through Christ

How to be a Perfect Christian

So you want to be a Perfect Christian?

Fully You

Fully You

Family Feels

Join us as we will look at some of the challenges and expectations people have in their pursuit of peaceably loving and living in a family.

And It Came to Pass

Join us as we look at the story of one man God used to change history as we know it; all because he answered a call to simply follow.

Fake News

What is Truth?

Reckless Love

God loves us with a reckless kind of love.

Good Friday Service

Good Friday
Good Friday Service - A time of reflection, communion, and preparation.

Better: Jesus is Greater

During this series we will take a look at the many ways Christ shows up in the Old Testament. Jesus is the climax of the story of Scripture.


It's Awkward but Essential

Back to the Start

During this series, you will find the inspiration and principals you'll need to put your hope and faith in action in the new year.

Tents & Rocks

A practical message to help us appropriately lay down last year, engage next year, and celebrate today.

What Child Is This?

Christmas 2017

The Search For MEaning

Everyone wants to find meaning for their lives. Discover that the answer to the question is not about 'what' but 'who'..

Lifehouse Around The World

Join us as we celebrate and catch a vision for what God is wanting to do through us around the world.


In the book of Revelation, John is given a message to carry to Seven Churches.


There is no stain he cannot remove and nothing in all the world can make all things new like our God.

Words of Life

Where can we go for time-proven-life-tested wisdom and truth that will never fail us nor let us down? There is an answer!

Family Vacation

This sermon series discusses both the importance of family relationships, and how parenting is a way for parents to help their children...

Chase The Lion

If Your Dream Doesn't Scare You, It's Too Small...

Special Guest: Joe VanDenBerg

Special guest Joe VanDenBerg shares an inspiring word about how God has a special calling for each of us today.

Resurrection Sunday


Good Friday

Good Friday Service - A time of reflection, communion, and preparation.


During this series, we'll be discovering the importance of living authentically with each other by sharing our stories...


Jesus was full of surprises. He surprised people with his words, with his actions, even with the friends he chose.

Own The Vision

No greater honor...

New Year, New Me

With the Finish Line in Mind...

Greater Than

Last year was...

The Call of Christmas

A Calling

Season of Giving 2016


Bottom of the Ninth

When you feel down and out, you may be down, but you’re never out. There is still hope.

At The Movies

All movies carry a message, and sometimes the messages they convey are greater than we realize.

All In

Are you ready for more than a 'hokey pokey' kind of faith? You know, where you put one foot in and one foot out? Discover
more this Sunday!

The Time is Now

Feel like you've hit a wall? Don't be discouraged. Maybe it's just a part of what God wants to help you rebuild.


What if there was a family - a family so big it was more like a community; a movement. A person and a people who wanted you no matter what?

What's Your Thing?

Mark Twain once said, “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”

The Song

Love, Sex, Marriage, Intimacy, Trust. God is the author is the author of them all. These were all GOD’s ideas.

PSA: About LifeGroups Fall 2014

Take a moment to learn about some great changes taking place this fall with LifeGroups. Now, there are even more ways to get connected and g

Be The Body

During this series, rather than talking about how we should go to church, we'll be exploring what it means to be the church.

Friends Like Me

During this series come learn what the Bible has to say about friendship.

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