There are many churches who have people who are very passionate about outreach.  They see the hungry and then start a food pantry to feed them.  They they see kids at risk and start after-school programs to provide a positive influence.  Youth groups hand out blankets to the homeless, men's groups help fix up homes in broken down neighborhoods, women's groups start prison ministries, and on and on it goes.  

 Outreach is wonderful and the the people at Lifehouse are among those who are passionate to make a difference!  However, here is the problem with how churches traditionally approach outreach: it involves spreading out leaders and resources, creating extra organization and administration - requiring more leaders, volunteers, money, and space.  In the end all of these great resources and man-power add up to maximum effort while achieving minimal impact.
At Lifehouse we've decided to take an entirely different approach turning the traditional model of outreach on it's ear. Rather than spreading everything out, burning out volunteers, and creating constant needs for funds and space, we asked ourselves, 'why reinvent the wheel?'  We've decided to concentrate all of our efforts and resources on several proven strategic community outreach partners that are already doing the best job possible when it comes to outreach in our community.  Currently, Lifehouse is partnered with several different non-profit organizations in and around the Des Moines metro area.  Our goal is to help multiply the efforts of our ministry partners for maximum impact in our city. We believe that in working together, we can make a greater impact than we could on our own.  We are better together!
If you are interested in becoming a ministry partner sponsored by Lifehouse, please email us for more information.