Just try a little harder...

How often are we made to feel like a failure? That we are not good enough, do not have what it takes, or that we need to put a lot more effort into something to be accepted? The good news about the Good News, is that when it comes to our faith there is a much simpler and less self-focused way to live: under His Grace. Thanks to God's grace, we are able to live our lives free from the weight of guilt-based religion that always seems to demand more.

During this teaching series, we will be teaching through the book of Galatians  where we will find a heart-felt letter written one passionate Apostle Paul as he confronts a church community who had traded the simplicity of the Gospel for a false message of 'just try a little harder'. Throughout this series, we will learn how the simple message of the Gospel can cause huge transformations in the lives of people; a life of walking in the Spirit results in loving ourselves and others well.

See you Sunday!  



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