Kids are a BIG deal at Lifehouse.

It's been often said that 'children are our future', but the fact is 'children are our today' as well. The culture we live in is fighting for the hearts and minds of our children long before they are young adults. Advertisers target them at every turn and with every medium. Kids are faced with decisions, ideas, images, and information that most adults didn't contend with until well into their teen years or college. The time has come that the church must positively and boldly rise to the occasion of fighting for, defending, and winning the culture war against the children.

At Lifehouse we believe in the family; more than that, we are passionate for the health and success of family.

It's our desire partner with, equip, and encourage parents through all life stages. It's our goal to provide top-notch children's ministry programs that support the health of the family as well. When it comes to children's ministry and programs at Lifehouse, our best people and resources are put to the task. We have a great group of teachers that love kids and love to teach.  Our kids enjoy biblically-based lesson plans, activities, and services that are specifically designed to help them learn more about God and grow closer to Jesus. 

Sunday Morning

9:15 & 11:00am - CREW 100 (Kindergarten - 5th grade)

CREW 100 is the Sunday children's ministry at Lifehouse. This program goes much deeper than just teaching about the Bible. Kids lives are changed by interactive lessons, passionate worship, and powerful small group discussion.Each morning is designed to help children build a biblical foundation, begin a personal relationship with Christ, and worship Him with all their hearts. We believe that when kids worship God AMAZING things happen.

Parents can pick kids up in the Children's Church room immediately following service. 

Wednesday Night

7:00 - 8:30pm - Kids (Kindergarten - 5th grade)

During the school year (and during our Lifegroup semesters), our kids gather for both large group and small group interaction. Led by fun and friendly volunteers, this semester kid's will dive into their 'Favorite Bible Stories'.

This highly experiential time will cover many favorite stories of the Bible spanning both the Old and New Testaments like; Jacob’s ladder, Joseph, Ruth, The Sower, The Good Samaritan, and more. During this semester kids will explore Bible stories from a new perspective, develop a love for the Bible, and experience many creative and fun activities. Kids will learn important faith lessons that will help build a solid foundation in their lives. 

Summer Camps

Each summer kids from Lifehouse have the opportunity to attend camp. Camp runs one week for Junior Camp and is for ages 3rd to 5th grade.  Summer camp is an experience that students will remember for the rest of their lives.