Everyone has a story to tell...

Everyone has a story to tell...but how does one live their life in such a way that it becomes a better story - even a best seller? That is what this sermon series is all about. You’re invited to experience the life-changing stories of ordinary people, how they intersect with the story of Easter, and surprisingly, with each other. You will be inspired as you discover the secret to writing a great story is within everyone’s reach.

04/07/19 Week 1: Special Guest - Greg Nail

04/14/19 Week 2: Special Guest - Joe Vandenberg

04/19/19 Good Friday Worship & Communion Service (7PM)

04/21/19 Week 3: Celebrate Easter with Lifehouse
     Fun KIDS Easter event immediately following service!

04/28/19 Week 4: Special Guest - David DeHamer
     All you care to eat Pancake Breakfast (8:30-9:30AM)

See you Sunday!  



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