Where is God in this?

Suffering is an unavoidable reality of life that everyone will encounter to some degree at one time or another. Our instincts are to avoid, defer, or escape suffering whenever possible. But, what if suffering is a pathway to something better in our lives? What if suffering is the necessary soil from which new life springs forth? Jesus never promised us that life would be easy and free of suffering. That said, He also promised that He would use it for a greater purpose in us. Please join us as we discover encouragement and hope during seasons of suffering and learn how to approach and even appreciate where suffering can take us.

05/05/19 Message 1: Just Around The Corner

05/12/19 Message 2: Worth It - Join us as we celebrate Moms at Lifehouse!

05/19/19 Message 3: How Gold Is Made

05/26/19 Message 4: On The Other Side

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