Life isn't just about winning big...

We all like to win. Win the game, win the guy or gal, win the job, win the car, on and on we can go. WE LIKE TO WIN. From the time we are little, the importance of winning is deeply instilled within us. We desire to be 'winners' and not 'losers' and that's not a necessarily a bad thing. After all, Jesus himself made some pretty big wins for us all! However, we should be careful that as we pursue the many types of 'wins' in this life, that we do not neglect the most important win, the BIG WIN. Of course, setting our eyes on the right prize is much easier to do when the BIG WIN is defined for us. Join us during this series as we unpack what exactly the BIG WIN entails. Life isn't just about winning big, it's about the BIG WIN. 

See you Sunday!  



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